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Georgia Scottish Wedding Photographer

Behind the camera...

Hi! I'm Georgia, I have been Photographing Weddings for 10 years and I love it! I love getting to know you and hear about your love story's!

I have always been connected to nature and love everything (even the spiders! - All the wee beasties are my friends.) I love the outdoors and try to find beauty in every scene. This is where my love of photography started, taking pictures of nature and my family dog out on adventures. This passion grew when I started photographing people within these beautiful spaces. Now I can tell the story of two beautiful souls giving themselves to each other with my Love of photography.

I love being able to be part of peoples wedding days and want you to feel like I am one of your guests. I will laugh and cry with you, help you get ready, keep the day flowing and at the end of the night feel like I have made life long friends. Wedding Photography to me is more than capturing your day, I'm part of keeping it running smoothly and making sure you have the best time!

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I'm a Mum to my beautiful Son Willow. He is my Little best friend and hopefully in the future my photography assistant too. Willow is two years old and he is Wild! His favourite things are Cuddles, Pumpkins and Blippi (A children's entertainer that I could tell you everything about). I'm pretty sure I would make a great children's entertainer now! you make a small achievement
I'm there clapping for you saying "yaaay, well done!".

Willow Forest Lace Photography
Forest Lace-2.jpg
Thank you, thank you for being the best photographer in the world!!!! You have captured ou
Georgia Forest Lace Photography
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